Saturday, August 20, 2011

two short skirts

Even thought my work environment is not very formal, I still feel these two outfits are not work appropriate. The grey skirt from Forever 21 is cute, however, it's a bit two short. Perhaps it's a tight fit on me (it's a xs) because it rides up a bit when walking. The black and white wide stripes skit has the length, but because of the thin material it's a bit too transparent. The white undies did not help at all. perhaps a bigger size might help to keep it from being clingy on your body.

I did get a lot of compliments on these shoes - Offbroadway (blogged here)
I've been experimenting with different prints and realize I can't work a leopard print. Perhaps it's the design of the dress?
Saw this dress at Wetseal when I walked in to collect my 200 shop kick points :) 

                                                                 Have a nice weekend!!!


  1. I really like those skirts! and the leopard dress is too big for you...

  2. the leopard dress itself looks really cute tho...