Sunday, August 7, 2011

it's all about the money!

Lately, my biggest stress is about money. I'm sure money put a big strain on everyone else too. When I was working as a register rep and helping people with their financial planning, what I stress over and over to my clients is to have discipline. starting by setting a realistic budget and save save save. There is just too much temptation with sales and coupons. I almost bought this beautiful French Connection purple angora blend sweater, "sigh" it looks so soft and pretty...  XS is still there... oh, I'm so tempted.
I love the rich vibrant purple. it would be so cute of this fall. i love the ribbon belt. 
And speaking of saving money, we made omelets today instead of going out for breakfast, it's healthy and delicious. eggs, spinach, bell pepper, onions and some sausage. 

oh, can't forget about my outfit today, since this blog is about fashion too. I'm loving this old cardigan of mine. it's been a while since I worn it.
i love this baby doll dress from Forever 21, one note if you want to buy it, the white top material is pretty thin, so stick with nude,  or  white bras.
I'm squinting because it's freaking bright outside.

this dress is light and breezy.

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