Thursday, August 11, 2011


it was business casual so I put on my fave wedges
I just got back from my business trip to Irving,Texas. It has been over 100 degrees consecutively for 40 days there, but ironically I was freezing. The AC was blasting in the conference room.  These trips are usually more enjoyable when traveling with a coworker. Although, my job is in common with other attendees, but sometimes I feel disconnected because everyone is older than me.  In these meetings we get a glimpse of what's to come and also learn about how the other companies process their work load.
More importantly, how I can put a face to those who I converse with on a daily basis over the phone.

Crossing my fingers that I get to go to the one in Las Vegas hehe.

tritip, sautee veges, mashed potatoes and chicken in cheese sauce
vegetarian dish for my coworker

I'm not familiar with my cut of meats, I think it's a tritip

It's a turtle cheese cake I believe, it was so good.


  1. your wedges are awesome and the food looks pretty delicious!

  2. thank you... hope you'll follow the blog