Wednesday, August 17, 2011


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Does anyone have the  Shopkick App? this App is amazing. I get points for walking in to stores and scan products in the store for points. Today is its 1 year mark and there were 200 points per walk in :) oh and deals too.  10 dollars off for American Eagle. I bought this cute little spaghetti tank for under $6. How? the top was on sale from $25 to $15 and $10 off with the Shopkick App. Not bad right?

Work attire for Tuesday, the skirt has pockets! -Forever 21
Wednesday's outfit


  1. Yeah yeah yeah I know I need to use my shopkick more. But on the way home from the City of Industry office my mom called me to spam mail agents some "urgent" news then Yvonne texted me to email agents as well. So I go home and had to work more. -_-;; No time to go to the mall to accumulate points...

  2. hahahhaa.... sucks for you... i listened to your CD. i'm not a alternative rock person, but i like ur voice.