Thursday, August 4, 2011

delicious on a dime

Ok... it didn't really cost a dime, but you know what I mean. Many people are now more cautious of their spendings. Dining out for most people is the first to go. That's one of the ways my fiancé and I are saving money by cooking meals ourselves, and it's not ramen or mac and cheese; it's restaurant quality dishes.
today, we went to our good friend's J and P's place after work. My fiancé did most of the cooking. He has now perfected this Salmon in Lemon Bordetto with pea puree by the lovely, Giada De Laurentis from the Food Network channel.

J entertained us with this plate of delicious shrimp baguette  
this is the salmon in lemon brodetto with pea puree (found it on the green paste is acutally peas puree with parmesan cheese, olive oil and mint. the soup base is made with shallot and lemon zest and just, very  uhhh... lemony.

a light garden green mix drizzled with vinaigrette dressing(olive oil, white wine vinegar, sugar, pepper and paprika) toss with strawberries.

With all the ingredients, this whole meal(minus the shrimp baguette) is only $8 per person. what a great deal, with the money saved from eating similar dishes you can even add a bottle of wine. 


  1. oh my gosh, this looks absolutely delicious!! i love the dress in your previous post too :)

  2. thank you so much. you should try it, it's really good