Saturday, February 11, 2012

brownie and shoes

Baking and creating tasty desserts is a passion of mine. I'm a happy eater, I always associate food with good times and friends. A glass of wine or cocktail doesn't hurt neither.
I think it looks just like the picture on the box :)

Now, on with the shoes! 
My friend at work, Ms B., has a friend who sells shoes... so what do we do? We asked Ms. B. to bring us shoes.  shoe web page
The fury part can be folded up and the strap is removable. 
Bday gift from Nora :). bought from Ms. B's friend

I don't think I'm keeping the red Madden Girl mary jane pumps. I bought them along with the purple medium pumps from DSW for my birthday.

Shoes I've acquired in the last two months. 

Bought this from Sears for about 70% off. cost me about $26 bucks! I love the fury little pom poms.

Some recap on the food I had for my Bday in Vegas. I love Vegas! 
Hash House A Go Go (the original restaurant, not the one in Imperial Palace) this dish was featured on an episode of Man Vs. Food. it's really good! It has mashed potatoes on the bottom, biscuits, spinach, bacon, fried chicken and eggs, topped with their special sauce. Did I mention it was really good? Be warned, it's a lot of food, so share it with someone. 

From Tokyo Restaurant: Screaming Orgasm! We have this every time we visit, we even drove 6 hr from San Diego just to have some; still am not tired of this creation.

The Mommy Bomb
Rainbow Roll   

A delicious bake lobster from Mr. Emerial Lagasse's restuarnt at the MGM. 
My Fiance was so sweet to want to treat me out for my bday. I was and am still sick so I wasn't able to have any alcohol. besides that, it was a great trip!