Thursday, July 28, 2011

great deal at H&M

update of my friend wearing her dress...

Lately, I've  been having these urges to go shopping. I was able to convince my coworker to come with me to the mall a few blocks from our workplace. While browsing at H&M, I found this dress in the buy one get one free section and instantly love it. It was for $24.95, my coworker and I bought it together and it's half off- I love these kinds of math! One thing about this dress though, is that the shoulder straps are too long for my petite stature. That can be easily fix by shortening the straps in the back.

In this picture, I had use two safety pins to take up the straps.

Dress: H&M
the neckline is extremely low, might not be appropriate for work or meeting your  BF's parents for the first time. it would be great on a dinner date or a sunny saturday :) 

Abound cardigan:Nordstorm Rack
Necklace: Forever 21
excuse the mess in my room hehe

red, white and blue

Just realized that I'm dressed pretty patriotically today. Red, white and blue! I actually am loving white, it's always so crisp and clean. I love stores like Forever21 for accessories, it's always so trendy and very cheap. My necklace was only $5.60! With the right accessories, you'll feel put together.

it's the white cardigan I bought from NY and Company a few years ago. Tank: Forever 21( I think) Faux silver pearl Necklace: Forever21-the ribbon is my own addtion. Belt: Forever21, Jeggings: gift-HM.

Wedges: Aerosole-Off Broadway

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

have your cake and eat it too

I'm not sure if the say " have your cake and eat it too" apply to this, but it just feels right saying it. Putting a big chunk of money out at once makes me nervous. That's why I'm not carrying a LV or Gucci on my arms. Today, I just feel like I score a great deal on a new laptop, the mac book pro. My great companion, Toshiba, has been with me for many years, but it finally died a few months ago. I had to use the laptop my aunt left here when she moved, I wouldn't mind it if it weren't soooo slllooww. Luckily for me, my bro decided he no longer needs his 1 year old MBP, and willing to give it to me for $800.
Buying something expensive requires extensive research. Ask someone you know who is knowledgeable in what you are looking for. A technophobe like my self asked my other bro who knows everything there is to know about Apple products. Now, I can browse, shop blog all I want with my new stylish accessory.

Monday, July 25, 2011

free shipping at AX !!!

I got an email notification today for 30% off and free shipping for AX. I found this really pretty Lattice Sleeve Tunic Dress  but my friend an coworker talked me out of squandering my money. Reminding me that I need to save for my wedding and apartment. :(  I hate being on a budget.
This is the Black Lattice sleeve tunic dress that has my XS size.

I wanted this silver color, I can wear it during the day and can make a easy transition into the night with a clutch.

Saturday, July 23, 2011

Chanel at Ideeli

Wow, I never thought Ideeli would have Chanel, but I was pleasantly surprised.

If I have money this is the one I would buy, it was going for $3,199. It was sold out before I got a chance to read my email.

this one was still available, but at $1,699 it was still out of my budget. it was out of my budget by a mile, haha.

Friday, July 22, 2011

making the old new again

I set a budget for myself, but often due to lack of discipline, I over spent. Instead of acquiring new things every week, I now will make an effort to wear only what I have in my closet. I also am using my curling iron more often. I love the curls I have.

everything on me is at least a year old. 3/4 cardigan-NY and Company; Belt- Forever 21;Cami- Forever21; bubble skirt-something I found on my China trip two years ago.

Making good use of my curler

Thursday, July 21, 2011

Urth caffe

I went to Urth caffe with a few of my friends last night. Anyone who knows me knows that's my favorite place of all. I bring all my friends there and they became return customers. I should get a cut of their profits haha. They have great espresso drinks with art. Their food is organic and delicious. They are however on the pricier side. Their atmosphere is amazing. That's one of the main attractions to this place. Outdoor and indoor seating. If you're ever in the southern California area, Los angeles to be more specific, you should definetly give it a try.

Large Spanish Latte

BFF drinking her small English latte

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

this is my favorite pair of shoes.

Saving money to move out to my first apartment is not easy, so I'm trying to save as much as I can. My new motto- full fun, half off.   On the recent sale from Talbots, they were having shoes for $29.99 (thanks to extrapetite) and with the 20% off,  I got them for $26. and of course, I can't have just one pair, I bought three. I'm only keeping this pair as the other pair just didn't fit well.
6M Sunshine Kiara Talbots

this adds about 5 inches to my 5ft tall frame :)