Thursday, July 28, 2011

great deal at H&M

update of my friend wearing her dress...

Lately, I've  been having these urges to go shopping. I was able to convince my coworker to come with me to the mall a few blocks from our workplace. While browsing at H&M, I found this dress in the buy one get one free section and instantly love it. It was for $24.95, my coworker and I bought it together and it's half off- I love these kinds of math! One thing about this dress though, is that the shoulder straps are too long for my petite stature. That can be easily fix by shortening the straps in the back.

In this picture, I had use two safety pins to take up the straps.

Dress: H&M
the neckline is extremely low, might not be appropriate for work or meeting your  BF's parents for the first time. it would be great on a dinner date or a sunny saturday :) 

Abound cardigan:Nordstorm Rack
Necklace: Forever 21
excuse the mess in my room hehe

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