Saturday, October 22, 2011

it's been a while

I find that I'm better at finding food than finding fashion. My budgeting really restricts any weekly shopping trips. My trip to China has set me back a bit on my savings, but, no regrets there. It was the most fun seeing my grandma and my cousins and uncles. The best thing about being in the country side is the fresh food!!! pick from the farm fresh.
took a detour before getting hot dogs and stopped by a small pumpkin patch in front of CVS.  New top from Forever 21. 

Today we went to The Slaw Dogs to tried out some gourmet hot dogs in Pasadena. It was good, a few mins away there is the Dog Haus (tried that a few months ago). both have interesting take on their dogs. Ultimately Dog Haus tasted better and they use italian sausages instead of traditional hot dogs.
I got the Thai style hot dog, it was good.
that's a large jalepeno filled with cheese and wrap in bacon on top of a hot dog. 

just gotta have the sweet potato fries

as we walk to our car, we saw a cupcake store, and I just have to go in. pistachio cupcake.

Something cool I bought from China. This is actually tea. it came as a dried up tea bulb and opens up to this in hot water.. so lovely. 

A dress I just ordered from Forever 21 along with the pink blouse up top. it's cute, so i'm keeping it. 

Have a lovely weekend.

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