Thursday, January 5, 2012

Russian Chicken deal

I just made a pact with my Fiancé that we do not go out and eat until our trip to New York at the end of June. this is an effort to cut our expenses to the minimum so we can save for the wedding. This may feel a bit impossible, but he's a pretty good cook. There are some exceptions however, I still have a Groupon I gotta use before it expires and maybe we might celebrate my birthday and eat out.

This Russian Chicken is AMAZING! He won't share the recipe. The chicken is cooked in the oven for about an hr and 15mins  with the sauce. We made the no eating out deal while enjoying this delicious meal.

Still enjoying the purple Coach bag.


  1. Not sure if you'll like this or not. This is not intended to be mean.

    It's "pact" not "pack."

    Remember to capitalize words after periods.

    Tense is important, the chicken is not "cook in the oven for.." it is "cooked in the oven for..." etc.

  2. thanks Nora. r u hanging out with Pam at Dland?